November Breast Health Month
Everybody has heard of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and while awareness is always good, we believe that taking ACTION is better, so during November 2015 we are running our very own breast health campaign: November Breast Health Month.
Our campaign is designed to improve your breast health, and improve your health generally – through DIET, EXERCISE, changes to your use of COSMETICS, ridding yourself of STRESS, taking our suggested SUPPLEMENTS, and following our CLEANSING TECHNIQUES to detoxify your body!

We strongly advise you to follow this guide and closely as you can, and while our campaign is set in November, we recommend that you take these steps in your everyday life. Please click on the sections below.

30 Days to create an Extraordinary Quality of Life

Oxygenate your body
Hydrate your body with pure water
Exercise your body
Alkalize your body
Eat organic fruit & vegetables
Include Himalayan Salt in your diet
Eliminate processed food

Eliminate artificial sugars
Eliminate artificial preservatives & colourings & E numbers
Eliminate soya
Eliminate meat
Eliminate dairy products
Eliminate wheat products

Eliminate caffeine
Eliminate toxic toiletries
Eliminate alcohol & cigarettes
Eliminate pharmaceutical
Eliminate recreational drugs
Switch to non-wired Bras
Switch to natural deodorant

Daily Routine

Follow this routine throughout the 30 days – feel free to adjust to suit your lifestyle. Essentially the diet, exercise, meditation and breast mantra will stay the same across the 30 days, but the first week will focus on bowel cleansing, the second on liver and gall bladder cleansing, third on kidney flushing, and fourth on blood cleansing.