Breast Imaging with Thermography

We are a team of female Clinical Thermographers offering 100% safe body imaging in clinics throughout the UK. We offer a safe imaging service using high-tech, revolutionary Digital Thermal Imaging cameras.

Thermography is a non invasive, method of breast imaging. Everyone has a unique thermal pattern that should not change over time. Thermography maps subtle changes in these heat patterns indicating physiological change.

Breast screening with Thermography
Why have a thermogram?
  • 100% safe
  • No harmful radiation
  • No painful clamping
  • Full medical report from our dedicated team of
    medical doctors who are also registered Thermologists
Who would benefit?

At MTI we think that breast imaging should be available to all women. Imaging from age 50 is not effective because younger women have breast problems too! Thermography offers a safe imaging procedure for all age groups from 18 upwards. By imaging younger women with this safe technology we can establish a breast baseline. With future monitoring we have an opportunity of finding changes in their physiology. This gives women an opportunity to change their lifestyle and explore non invasive treatments to improve their health.

Average Growth Rate of Breast Cancer Tumor

Cancer cells double in number on average every 90 days

90 days 2 cells Atypical pre-cancerous cells
1 year 16 cells
2 Year 256 cells
3 Year 4,096 cells
4 Year 65,536 cells
5 Year 1,048,576 cells Still Undetectable with mammography
6 Year 16,777,216 cells
7 Year 268,435,456 cells
8 Year 4,294,967,296 cells Doubled 32 times* and normally detected by mammogram at this stage *(1cm size)

Source: Buchanan JB, et al. Tumour growth, doubling times, and inability of the radiologist to diagnose certain cancers. Radiol Clin N Am. 1983;21:115-26