Integrative Healing

Integrative Healing
While watching this Chris Wark interview of Dr Leigh Erin Connealy, I noticed a stand-out point worth mentioning. Dr Connealy makes it very clear that after a cancer diagnosis, her patients who focus on nutrition and integrative medicine FIRST have SIGNIFICANTLY better outcomes than patients who come to her after going through the mill of radiation, chemo and surgery!

This makes perfect sense as radiation, chemo and surgery damage the immune system – which as we know, is vital for effective healing. “Their bodies have been compromised” as Dr Connealy says – and it’s your body that will heal you. This is further proof, if more were needed, that it is indeed a failing immune system that causes illness and disease in the first place!

Also, there is second clear and vital message – preventive medicine, indeed preventive health means strengthening the systems in your body, that on its own does a very good job keeping away illness and keeping you healthy. The three main systems of the body are; the immune system, the nervous system and the endocrine system – and by eating a lot of nutritious food, exercising often, avoiding toxins and reducing stress in your life, it will be easier for them to look after you.

For a more extensive list, see the list below:

Eat a lot of nutritious food, daily
Seek safe routine screening methods
Avoid toxins
Exercise often
Reduce stress
Drink a lot of water, daily
Maintain your ideal weight
Get enough sleep