All you need to know about Thermography – with Gaea Powell

Part I – Breast Thermography – with Gaea Powell

“A mammogram would let me know that I already had cancer, so fortunately I discovered Thermography in 1995, and I’ve been able to monitor my own unique thermo-vascular road map – and if there’s any signs of any subtle changes taking place it alerts me and my doctor so we can take action!” – Gaea Powell

Part II – Breast Thermography vs Mammography – with Gaea Powell

For every 1 woman that discovers she truly has cancer through Mammography screenings and recovers cancer free, 6 women are scared into treatment through miss diagnosis, false positives and eventually deadly treatments of Radiation, Chemotherapy and sometimes disfiguring Surgery

Dr. Mercola and Gaea Powell Discuss Thermography

“I was determined to prevent cancer in the first place – I thought that was the way to go…. basically what I realised was that a mammogram would let me know that I already had cancer… then I discovered Thermography, which monitors any physiological changes over time, which would empower me to make changes and prevent the disease in the first place” – Gaea Powell