Pink October Marches On
Pink October Marches On
It’s autumn again, and we all know what that means: the Pink October soldiers are out in force again, following the Pied-Piper of hope through cities and parks expecting a magic cure for cancer. Meanwhile, their pink corporate moguls are making large profits with products and services – some of which are linked to cancer, to mention only 2: Fracking and KFC.

But we, on the side of reason, are not daunted! In fact, we are strengthened. Our voice gets stronger every year, and our troops grow ever larger, which means that the message is getting through. What is the message, if you don’t already know? Prevention is the cure! No amount of miracle drugs, radiation or surgery can stop cancer in the long term if we don’t address the cause, and accept that our modern lifestyles are slowly killing us. We are not interested in a sedentary future filled with chemicals and a bad diet… only to be offered a pill to keep us and cancer free.

We demand cancer awareness that includes knowledge of active lifestyles and natural foods, and that these will indeed prevent cancer. We demand and expect knowledge of safe and effective screening and treatments for cancer, how they work and any risks involved, and to be offered the choice between treatments as a matter of course!