Gabby Mottershead

Gabby Mottershead, founder of 'Confidence After Cancer', is based in Manchester and offers support to women recovering from cancer. Her vision is to 'inspire healthy minds and bodies'. A Reiki healer, nutritional healing student and ambassador for Tropic skincare she offers makeovers using organic products, seminars and courses on confidence building and will support you to take positive steps to improve your mind, body and spirit.

Sandra Laing

Based in Cromer, Sandra Laing is a Homeopath providing consultations for a wide range of health problems, including Cease Therapy for the relief of Autistic Spectrum Disorder. She qualified as a Member of Lakeland College of Homeopathy in 2002. After talking to women friends and family about Thermography, Sandra realised that there is a need for the service locally. Rosa and the team bring this service to the women of North Norfolk and Sandra provides the venue.

Suzy Sherratt

'Look After You' has been trading near Pontefract, West Yorkshire since 1995. It is run by Suzy Sherratt a Nutritionist, Naturopath and Reflexologist. Suzy enjoys using Nutrition for good health throughout life and loves sharing that information and enthusiasm with others. She has a Diploma in Natural Nutrition since 1999 and her practice has given her experience of working to help individuals improve a wide range of conditions and ailments over the years.

Lynne Shrubb

Like many women of a certain age, Lynne feared breast cancer and as soon as she heard Rosa’s amazing story, she immediately travelled to Liverpool to benefit from the safe, non-invasive, early warning system that MDITI offered. After discovering how simple and comfortable this screening was, Lynne invited Rosa to hold clinics in Cheltenham and since 2011 her patients and everyone in Gloucestershire have benefitted from a local MDITI clinic to safeguard their breast health.

Vinciane Ollington

Based in Ripley, Surrey, 'Complete Homeopathy' is the practice of Vinciane Ollington. Vinciane has used homeopathy since childhood in Belgium. She then sought homeopathic treatment in the UK to overcome infertility problems, and later on to treat an overactive thyroid gland. She started her homeopathic studies in 1998 and opened her practice in 2002. She specialises in treating female hormonal and thyroid problems, as well as treating children. Vinciane also teaches a Self-Prescribing course for people wanting to prescribe homeopathic remedies for friends and family.

Helen O'Sullivan

I am a homeopath practising in Herts, Beds and Bucks face to face and also via Skype. I am very passionate about thermography due to having lost my mother to cancer as a young teenager. I am very passionate about Homeopathy, Reiki and other alternate therapies and prefer a holistic lifestyle. I would completely recommend Rosa and her team, who very gently talked me through each step and discussed my thermogram reports in words that I could understand, very important to me as it is my health we are discussing. I would encourage my clients to contact Rosa should they wish to have a thermogram for themselves.