Thermography and Mammography

Thermography and MammographyThermography and Mammography – some who are misinformed seem to view the two technologies as competitors.

We all know the first action taken when someone is not feeling well – their body temperature is measured using a thermometer. It just makes sense to utilise Thermography as the clarion call. The fact is you cannot compare Thermography to Mammography, it would be like trying to compare having your temperature taken to having a chest x-ray.

Like a fingerprint, each patient has a unique infrared map of their breasts. Any modification of this infrared map on images taken over months to years can indicate changes in their physiology. After taking a base thermogram and then regular series of thermograms, the patient’s physiological ‘map’ can be monitored – with close monitoring, self breast exams and clinical examinations a woman has a much better chance of monitoring her breast health

Thermography, Mammography, Ultrasound and MRI – watch these videos ‪by Gaea Powell‬ (part 1 and 2 below) who compares the breast imaging options we have available to us. Each technology detects different characteristics within the breast tissue – they are not competitors but are complementary to one another. It is very important to be educated in the risks and the benefits strengths and weaknesses each technology.

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