Water, The Elixir Of Life

A book by Lesley Una Pierce
Water, The Elixir Of LifeExtract from Water, The Elixir Of Life
Please step further inside …to the inner sanctum …and let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Water …the source of all human life as we know it. It is the key to our health and the health of our planet, Mother Earth. What exactly is it?

Water is the most incredibly mysterious and special substance known to mankind. It sounds rather outlandish to say that it is living, but it is! Every little drop of Water is a microcosm of the outer Universe.

We are all taught in school that Water is made from two Hydrogen atoms and one Oxygen atom. Perhaps you remember the picture of one Water molecule looking like Mickey Mouse’s head? A Water molecule is a simple formula, but the structure of Water is far from simple. H2O is really just the foundation of Water, because it gathers other substances along its way, like minerals in mineral Water. The chemical bonds that hold Water together are very weak, so they snap and change and reassemble millions of times per second, which allows it to respond to its environment and lets it remember its experiences, which of course, homeopathy is so effective.[…]

I hope you are now just beginning to realise (if you didn’t already know) that there really is something uniquely special about Water. The chemical that we call

Water is completely and utterly unique. When we really think about it, the only reason that we can live on the Earth is because we have Water here. The Earth is very special in where it is situated. If we were much nearer the Sun, then Earth would be too hot and the Water would vaporise. If we were much further away from the Sun, then the Earth would be too cold and the Water would freeze into ice. As a result we are perfectly positioned to be able to have Water in all three states and to support life.

Mother Earth has rivers, streams and babbling brooks flowing through her to the seas and oceans. The water evaporates, passes over the land as clouds, returns as rain which then falls onto the land, filters through the soil and rocks and continues flowing and circulating through and around our globe constantly. We can draw comparisons with ourselves as we breathe out water vapour in our breath, then take water into ourselves. This ends up, amongst other places, in our blood (which ideally is 85% water) flowing through our arteries, veins and capillaries in an incredibly organised way to our cells, lungs and heart, constantly circulating. I find it fascinating to realise that we are a reflection of the world we live in. […]

About the author
Lesley Pierce - Water, The Elixir Of LifeLesley Pierce lives in Lancashire, England where she is a partner of The Nutritional Healing Foundation nutrihealfoundation.com. She teaches students how to improve their health and happiness naturally by practicing the Naturopathic Philosophy she is so passionate about, having fully incorporated it into her own life.

Lesley became attracted to alternative methods of prevention and cure after working as a student nurse at St. James’s University Hospital in Leeds. She qualified as a Hypno-Psychotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner in the early nineties and worked in the complementary therapy clinics of local hospices and in her own private practice before becoming involved with The Nutritional Healing Foundation in 2004.

The book can be purchased from lesleyunapierce.com