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hollands-farm-lydiate-l314hl-minUnder the directorship of Phil and Rosa Hughes, Medical Thermal Imaging Ltd has imaged thousands of people over the last six years as more and more women are waking up to the fact that they have a choice of breast screening/imaging and don’t have to suffer exposure to ionising radiation and painful and dangerous compression of the breast. Many men have also benefited.

Rosa and Phil were introduced to Digital Infrared Medical Thermal Imaging in 2006 when Rosa discovered a large lump in her left breast. She was only 42 years old and was advised to have a mammogram and biopsy to diagnose the status of the lump.

Rosa had concerns about the safety of both the mammogram and biopsy on the grounds that she didn’t want to increase the risk of cancer by exposure to ionising radiation, or spread the cancer under compression, or even seeding from the biopsy.

Discovering Thermography was the answer to their prayers, no ionising radiation, no compression and it could rule out the need for biopsy. Rosa’s first thermal imaging showed that she had a 96% risk of malignancy (high risk) and that angiogenisis was detected. She embarked on a total lifestyle change and used thermal imaging to monitor her progress every three months until the scan showed her breast health had reduced to low risk.

Rosa and Phil were so delighted they decided to buy their own camera and share the good news with as many women as they could. Although it was breast imaging that had first alerted them to the benefits of thermography, Medical Thermal Imaging Ltd now offers far more than just a breast imaging service. Thermography is a physiological picture of the body and is suitable for all ages of men women and children.

Based on a farm in Lydiate (see pic) near Liverpool, the company’s mission is to offer a method of imaging for men, women & children of all ages. With regards to breast health Phil & Rosa are working towards a safe routine breast imaging program to include all women from age 20 onwards.

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