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Located near Formby in Liverpool (Head Office), Medical Thermal Imaging Ltd has been providing Thermography services for over a decade.

We have a skilled team of board-certified Thermologists operating from upwards of 40 locations nationwide and medical doctors to support you and interpret your images, to give the best possible experience.

We use the most advanced high-resolution Medical Thermal Imaging systems to ensure we obtain the best possible images and accuracy for interpretation.
Thermography is 100% Safe, Free from Radiation, Compression free, Non-contact and suitable for all ages.

Thermography is adjunctive to other tests and can provide additional information to assist in further health tests.

We are proud to announce that Medical Thermal Imaging has been selected as Best Practice Representatives for the Parliamentary Review 2020. We look forward to sharing our experience with other Research & Equipment Representatives.

Please follow this LINK to read our article published in the 2020 Parliamentary review!!

Patient Testimonials

"I think this type of scan is very useful. In my case MRI and CT scans have evidently not been able to show why I am in so much pain. The thermal scan has shown inflammation which may help me convince my GP to refer me back to be seen at the hospital."

"A previous thermogram flagged up quite a change in thermal activity in one of my breasts particularly, I was very surprised but made lifestyle and dietary changes to try to improve things. I was recommended a follow-up thermogram 3 months later which showed a drastic improvement. If I had relied on conventional tests, they probably wouldn’t have shown anything to be amiss for a few years, and thermography is known to alert of changes many years before they took hold. I’m very grateful to have found out about thermography and tell anybody who will listen."

“It is a totally painless and non-invasive procedure. The first appointment I had, the lady gave me useful information about breast health, and things to avoid to reduce the risk of breast cancer, none of which I knew about previously.”

"The reports gave me peace of mind without having to go through the discomfort of a mammogram."

"This service gives me peace of mind and reassurance as I have had breast cancer"

"An excellent service, quick and completely relaxing appointment. I was reassured and given all the information I needed. highly recommended and also completely safe"

"For me it's been more efficient and accurate than mammography and absolutely no stress"

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Why might I need Thermography?

      Abnormal breast physiology tends to have increased metabolic activity and blood supply (angiogenesis) which generates heat, revealing distinctive patterns. Identifying this activity by interpreting these patterns enables early intervention, reducing the risk of further metabolic activity.

      How often should I have a Thermogram?

      In order to gain the maximum benefit from Thermography, after your first appointment which will establish your ‘baseline’, you will need an annual Thermogram in order to compare (against the baseline) and monitor any changes in your physiology which could indicate a change in your breast health.

      What are the benefits of Breast Thermography?

      1. Early indicator of abnormal physiology
      2. Radiation-free and 100% Safe
      3. No Contact and Pain-free
      4. Compression-free and Non-invasive

      Where can I have a Thermogram?

      We run over 40 clinics across England and Wales on certain dates throughout the year. Please use this page to search for the clinic nearest to you. Please also see our calendar here and contact us to set up an appointment at your earliest convenience.

      What can I expect during my appointment?

      Having a Thermogram is non-invasive, pain-free, and doesn’t involve radiation or any contact. During the examination, you will disrobe to allow for the surface temperature of your body to reach thermal equilibrium with the temperature of the room.

      How should I prepare for my Appointment?

      Before your appointment, certain protocols must be followed in order to ensure that your images reflect accurate information. Please see a full set of instructions here.

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      Medical Thermal Imaging Ltd
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