It’s been written about so much that it’s become a cliché – “the key to good health is diet and exercise!” In the complex modern world we live in it’s very easy to dismiss simple solutions to problems like illness, but we mustn’t forget that our bodies evolved naturally to eat natural foods and move around in natural ways. The man-made food most of us eat is so far from a natural diet – why isn’t it obvious that things are going to go horribly wrong!? Why is eating natural food and getting off our back-sides dismissed as too simple a solution for maintaining our health and staying well?

The research is clear, but here is a simple guide, and yes, you’ve heard it all before…


  1. Exercise not only helps you keeps flexibility in your joints while stretching your tendons and muscles, it also helps you control your weight and decrease inflammation which is key to good health.
  2. There are added mental benefits to regular exercise, including less anxiety, stress, and an increase in your confidence and self-esteem. Also it can help you sleep and even ward off any depression that may be lurking. Aim for half an hour’s of moderate physical activity every day.
  3. Try a new exercise every week to keep it fresh


  1. Raw food is the key, because it’s natural, and because when you heat food it changes. Heated food generally has more man-made elements, so try to avoid. Aim for 80% raw food, 100% is unrealistic.
  2. Stick to fruits and veggies – 5 a day is a good guide
  3. Keep your portion sizes down.
  4. Drink lots of water – just plain water – it’s the best drink in the world!

It’s not rocket-science really, but it can be very difficult to abandon old habits. Often, if you make a change in your life, and do it often enough, it becomes the new norm and you find you prefer it, just stick with it!

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