What is the Immune System?

by | Jun 24, 2018 | Cancer prevention, Cancer science

We put a lot of emphasis on the immune system and its proper functioning in relation to cancer, but do we really understand what the immune system is and how it works? It is hard to pin it down because it is a system – meaning that it’s a group of organs, cells and processes that, when working together properly, prevent infection and illness. Generally, we tend to think of our body’s parts working in isolation, but we need to think of them operating as a ‘whole’ and think about how our environment can upset just one of the system’s elements, making our bodies defenceless.

Put simply – Fruit and veg, if man made it, avoid it! This is not always realistic, but stick to the principle when you can. Plenty of fibre and nutrients – berries, nuts and root vegetables should be part of your staple diet.

Most of your body operates in a fluid environment – keep this environment clean and hydrated, drink water all day!

Our bodies are designed to move and do things, so move and do things! Not only does movement help burn excess stored energy, it also helps the lymphatic system work properly – because it doesn’t have a pump and relies on gravity to flow.

There are some nasty chemicals out there, some can disrupt your hormones or worse. Use natural cosmetics and cleaning products, be very careful!

Get 8 hours or more, keep your bedroom dark so you don’t wake up too early.

These are the basics, this is what our immune system thrives on. There are additional things you can do like take supplementary nutrients – do your research![