Our founders Rosa and Phil Hughes have a wonderful story to tell about Rosa’s brush with cancer and her journey of discovery to natural healing. Furthermore, their dedication to bringing 100% safe screening and natural treatment to women and all sufferers.

In this interview with Dr Eva Detko, Rosa tells the story from the beginning and talks about the political and cultural obstacles they have confronted, the making of the film The Promise, and what the future brings for breast cancer attitudes and treatment.

Rosa and Eva discuss books, films and important websites.
A full list of these references is listed below:


See the trailer and access the full-length documentary:

The Promise – about the harms of
the routine breast screening program

Facebook page


The American College of Clinical Thermology Inc (ACCT)



Dr Patrick Kingsley’s book The New Medicine:
A new way of looking at why people
have become ill and what to do about it



Knockout: Interviews with Doctors
Who Are Curing Cancer
by Suzanne Somers


Ty Bollinger’s
Cancer: Step Outside the Box


What Doctors Don’t Tell You

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