Medical Thermal Imaging is an infrared technology used to detect abnormal vascular activity due to its sensitivity to variations of emitted heat. Such monitoring affords detection of even subtle thermal changes that, although not independently diagnostic, may precede anatomical findings and prompt early investigation and prevention. Thermography does NOT see or diagnose cancer.

Abnormal breast physiology tends to have unusual blood vessel patterns that give off more heat than the surrounding tissue. These patterns of activity vary in intensity and distribution over each body region, represented by images with variation in colours. Changes of these patterns allow for the recognition of asymmetric, abnormal or suspicious thermal patterns – for example, the difference between the thermal pattern on each breast, and may be recognised by the interpreter as abnormal physiology or function.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why might I need Thermography?

Abnormal breast physiology tends to have increased metabolic activity and blood supply (angiogenesis) which generates heat, revealing distinctive patterns. Identifying this activity by interpreting these patterns enables early intervention, reducing the risk of further metabolic activity.

How often should I have a Thermogram?

In order to gain the maximum benefit from Thermography, after your first appointment which will establish your ‘baseline’, you will need an annual Thermogram in order to compare (against the baseline) and monitor any changes in your physiology which could indicate a change in your breast health.

What are the benefits of Breast Thermography?

  1. Early indicator of abnormal physiology
  2. Radiation-free and 100% Safe
  3. No Contact and Pain-free
  4. Compression-free and Non-invasive

Where can I have a Thermogram?

We run over 40 clinics across England and Wales on certain dates throughout the year. Please use this page to search for the clinic nearest to you. Please also see our calendar here and contact us to set up an appointment at your earliest convenience.

What can I expect during my appointment?

Having a Thermogram is non-invasive, pain-free, and doesn’t involve radiation or any contact. During the examination, you will disrobe to allow for the surface temperature of your body to reach thermal equilibrium with the temperature of the room.

How should I prepare for my Appointment?

Before your appointment, certain protocols must be followed in order to ensure that your images reflect accurate information. Please see a full set of instructions here.

Thermal Analysis

Reports are based on study guidelines that are based on, but not limited to, side-to-side temperature, intensity measurement and comparison, established thermological signs including pattern recognition and comparison of changes over time. This method of analysis allows objective clinical correlation by the patient’s physician and contributes to the decision-making process regarding therapy, additional testing and eventual diagnosis.

Breast Thermography

Thermography is an adjunctive test and does not replace mammography or any other anatomical imaging test. A negative thermogram, mammogram and/or ultrasound does not preclude biopsy based on clinical condition. The value of thermography as a imaging tool is the non-invasive nature of the test and the unique ability to accurately measure skin temperature changes. Such monitoring affords detection of even subtle thermal changes that, although not independently diagnostic, may precede anatomical findings by years and prompt early investigation and prevention. As there is no single known test capable of monitoring all complex anatomical and biological influences of disease; monitoring with additional testing such as ultrasound, MRI, mammography or other testing as recommended by the patient’s personal physician is always advised.

Rating Scale:

This scale is used for breast evaluation purposes. It is noteworthy that the TH system is not a comparative rating to BIRADS TH-1 Symmetrical Bilateral – Non Vascular (non suspicious, normal study) TH-2 Symmetrical Bilateral – Vascular (non suspicious, normal study) TH-3 Equivocal – Low index of suspicion TH-4 Abnormal – Moderate index of suspicion TH-5 Suspicious – High index of suspicion.

Study Outcome

Studies provide adjunctive clinical information and recommendations based solely upon the images and patient information provided, to support the patient’s physician in medical or health evaluation. All findings in this report are considered by the interpreter to be related to the general health of the reported region. A “Thermographically Suspicious” finding in this report does not indicate that it is suspicious for any specific disease. However, any suspicious finding will be accompanied with a strong and intentional recommendation for further clinical evaluation. This report should be presented to the imaged patient’s personal physician to determine the nature of the appropriate follow-up course of action /evaluation. Additional follow-up thermal exams for comparison are strongly recommended. The thermographer and the reporting thermologist are not responsible for the failure of the imaged patient or the patient’s physician, to follow recommendations set forth in the report. Patients presenting with previously diagnosed cancer The value of thermography as a screening tool is its non-invasive nature and the ability to measure skin temperature changes. The skin is the largest organ of the body and as such provides vital information. This information is directly influenced by the constellation of metabolic and vascular activity known to contribute to the inflammatory milieu facilitating development and progression or regression of the disease. However, thermography interpretation does not include information or recommendations related to the measured changes of disease beyond skin temperature changes and patterns. As there is no single known test capable of monitoring all biological influences of the complex disease generally diagnosed as cancer, continued monitoring with available additional testing as recommended by your personal physician is strongly advised.

Patient Testimonials

"I first met Phil and Rosa Hughes in July 2015. I had been searching through books and the internet for alternative therapies. My mum had been diagnosed with breast cancer and received conventional treatment including a mastectomy, following this she continued to have routine mammograms which she found extremely stressful and painful. I booked an appointment for July 2015 for thermography and my mum now has annual screening there, as an alternative to the painful mammograms. My mum still attends to this day, and in all the years of going, neither Phil or Rosa ever tried to talk me or my mum out of conventional treatments or other NHS appointments. My mind was already made up prior to attending about wanting non evasive treatment as my mum is frail and could not cope with what was offered through the NHS, this was the reason i was searching for other methods to help my mum stay in remission and rebuild her immunity."

Francis Riley

"Rosa and Phil have been my practioners of choice over the last 15 years and I've happily used their services, be it homeopathic or in recent years, thermal scans, for managing and monitoring various ailments. Their caring and gentle approach along with their comprehensive assessments are like a breath of fresh air and have brought me to sustained good health and taught me so much about my own body. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone seeking a holistic approach to healing."

Cos Nicolaou

"My wife has had many life threatening issues (ie) Brest cancer, Meningitis, Phenmonia and Encephalitis. All have be treated by the NHS, 100% backed up by Philip and Rosa. We have both had thermal imaging scans many times to check if we have had any further problems. We are both on no medication from the Doctor, I am 69 and my Wife is 77. We back Philip and Rosa 100 percent."

Stephen and Mavis Birchall

"I think this type of scan is very useful. In my case MRI and CT scans have evidently not been able to show why I am in so much pain. The thermal scan has shown inflammation which may help me convince my GP to refer me back to be seen at the hospital."

"A previous thermogram flagged up quite a change in thermal activity in one of my breasts particularly, I was very surprised but made lifestyle and dietary changes to try to improve things. I was recommended a follow-up thermogram 3 months later which showed a drastic improvement. If I had relied on conventional tests, they probably wouldn’t have shown anything to be amiss for a few years, and thermography is known to alert of changes many years before they took hold. I’m very grateful to have found out about thermography and tell anybody who will listen."

“It is a totally painless and non-invasive procedure. The first appointment I had, the lady gave me useful information about breast health, and things to avoid to reduce the risk of breast cancer, none of which I knew about previously.”

"I found the whole experience very easy. Staff are friendly, helpful and informative and I have recommended it to friends and family.."

"I have been having regular thermal imaging scans to monitor the state of inflammation in my body. I have breast cancer. I appreciate this being a completely non-invasive and non-toxic procedure. I have always found MTI staff to be friendly, helpful and well informed. The reports written by MDs in the USA are clear in their comparisons to previous image patterns. They have often suggested further investigation. Over the past nine years, I have used my thermographic images to monitor my general health. I have been very satisfied with this method of monitoring. "

Ann Richardson

"I have had annual Medical Thermal Imaging scans for six years with Rosa. I made an informed decision to have this type of screening because I was concerned about the damage mammograms would cause to my breast tissue. Having a thermal scan is comfortable, stress-free and I receive an incredibly detailed report soon after my appointment. Rosa then calls me and explains everything. She is the most caring and compassionate person you could wish to meet. She is passionate about prevention over cure and goes above and beyond to guide and advise with tips on creating a healthier lifestyle at no gain to herself. The changes I have made following Rosa's advice a positive difference to my health and well-being. She is a genuine and lovely soul. Rosa has vast knowledge and experience because she's been through her own serious health issues and came out the other side. I can highly recommend Rosa and her professional team at Medical Thermal Imaging to anyone who is looking for a safe alternative. "

Alison McMath

"I have known Rosa for over 10 years & used the services of Medical Thermal Imaging in that time. I have had many scans re the breast and full body. Rosa is a professional, genuine, passionate person about women's breast cancer screening. She always provides information to allow you to make an informed decision. She is very knowledgeable regarding alternative treatments. Rosa has never tried to dissuade me away from conventional screening. I wouldn't hesitate to continue to use her in the future and find her extremely passionate & honest."

Mary Sefton

"Rosa and Phil have helped my mum throughout her cancer journey on so many levels. Emotionally and through regular checks with the thermal imaging. They have FULLY supported her in every step of the way and have gone above and beyond. I have been through this journey with my mum for 3 years and Rosa and Phil have always been there to support her which I am eternally grateful for."

Dayana Turmanova

"The reports gave me peace of mind without having to go through the discomfort of a mammogram."

"An excellent service, quick and completely relaxing appointment. I was reassured and given all the information I needed. highly recommended and also completely safe"

"Non-invasive process with excellent follow up discussions on how to maintain breast health. The staff are extremely friendly and professional at all times."

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The thermography procedure is low-risk with no contact required between you and the thermographer. The clinic will be open for our use ONLY, and there will be no overlapping of patients waiting in a busy waiting area. Our thermographers follow strict PPE guidelines and you will be imaged for a fever prior to any other procedure. We are constantly assessing the situation and will keep you informed if the guidance changes or if the practice to which you will attend changes their arrangements.

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