What’s so ‘new’ About Immunotherapy?

by | Sep 17, 2019 | Cancer science, Health

Anybody who reads or follows alternative cancer therapies knows and understands the principle of boosting the immune system to fight or prevent cancer. Cancer itself is not the problem, but rather it is a symptom of a failing immune system – therefore if you boost the immune system by giving the body what it naturally requires ie. a natural diet and regular exercise, the immune system does its job and fights cancer as it should in a normally functioning body.

So why all the hooha about research into the ‘new’ Immunotherapy by Johns Hopkins University? In a healthy functioning body the immune system stops invasive cancer constantly – there’s nothing new in this and it’s not a treatment, it’s the way the body works.

A sceptic might wonder why a natural system is being bottled and sold to us as a treatment? Well, as it turns out, our immune system can do with a little help, especially in people in advanced stages. Dr Drew Pardoll, PhD, explains: “Tumours can resist being eliminated by the patients’ immune system by co-opting inhibitory pathways, thus putting the brakes on the immune response.” The science does back this up – a simple search through the PubMed archives reveals some similar studies.

This may well work, let’s hope so – but to all the clear thinking people out there, don’t neglect your immune system, it’s your best friend, preventing invasive cancer on a regular basis.

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