Preventive Health

by | Sep 27, 2018 | Mammography, Health, Thermography

It is no longer enough just to treat a disease and hope for the best. There is a quiet revolution going on – prevention is the key, and an active role in your health will save your life. Diet, exercise and other lifestyle choices are clearly within your control and key elements of the preventive approach. But also, we need to add Preventive Screening to this list, so you can monitor what’s going on inside your body, and stay one step ahead of unwanted physiological changes.

Currently, most women discover they have problems with their breast health AFTER they develop symptoms. At this point, they are one step behind and clearly at a disadvantage. Thermography is a tool that gives the advantage back to you. Your first image will give you a reference against which, all future screenings will be compared. Assuming that all is well, it is recommended that you do this annually to consistently monitor your breast health.

While we acknowledge that Mammography has its place screening women who have a known mutant gene, or a lump discovered through external examination (but women still reserve the right to choose), we do NOT accept Mammography as a preventive tool for healthy women. It exposes healthy women to harmful ionising radiation, can result in over-treatment, and can only detect cancer when you already have it. We are about a preventive approach to breast health by screening the body safely, establish a baseline when you’re healthy, monitor any changes in your body annually i.e. TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR HEALTH!

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