Thermography must be offered in addition to routine programmes

by | Feb 12, 2019 | Health, Thermography

Interviewed on ABC news, Dr. William Amalu explains the value of Thermography very well, and its use ‘in addition’ to routine breast health programmes. If you need a clearer overview of the value of Thermography, this is the one, but you can hear the confusion in the voice of the interviewer when he asks why the medical establishment won’t ‘endorse’ Thermography.

Well, you may too ask ‘why?’, and it’s not totally clear what their motives are. As Dr Amalu mentions, studies show a high success rate of thermography, like this one where 92 patients were studied, for whom a breast biopsy was recommended based on prior mammogram or ultrasound. A thermogram identified 58 of the 60 malignancies – that’s 97% accuracy. There are many similar studies, you just have to look. See our research archive on this website

We are not proposing that Thermography stands alone as the only procedure in breast cancer detection, but that it is offered to women as an alternative risk marker in conjunction with other procedures, including Mammography!

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